One of the best 650 Carbon Frame gets even sharper and slightly lighter

The big players are gradually switching from 26-inch to 650B bikes for many reasons. No doubt, 26-inch wheel size was comfortable for racers running on the trails but 650B brings extra comfort and bike control to the table.

Many amateur racers have expressed their views on how they felt when they first rode on a 650B. It’s addictive and makes you want to stick to it. If we gander at the previous downhill seasons, we’ll know that many teams have been switching to 650Bs and prefer to use it more because there’s a commendable difference when it comes to performance and handling.

Experts believe that the 650B (27.5-inch wheel size) come with several advantages. Above all, the perfect wheel size of a 650B has eliminated the frame fitting problem that many racers face in 29-inch frame.

This has been a talk of the industry for a while now, but with better frames, such problems have been solved. Our pick is the ICAN Carbon Frame as it justifies all the needs of an amateur racer. Let’s get to know more about the ICAN 650 Carbon Frame:


There are many features which set this MTB frame apart from rival company products. Let’s have a look at some of the features of this beauty:

UD Matte Finish: The carbon weave pattern of a bicycle's frame refers to how the filaments are patterned on the frame. Normally we have 3K, 12K carbon pattern on bikes but the ICAN 650B gives you something more, the UD matte finish. UD (UniDirectional) matte finish frame offers a stealth look which also makes it the strongest frame among the 12K and the 3k ranges.

Ideal Wheel Size: The wheel size of the ICAN carbon frame is perfect for racers who love to go on mountain rides and trails. It has a unique ability to roll over obstacles easily by decreasing the angle of the attack.

The product is perfect for three sizes: 26 inches, 27.5 inches, and 29 inches. While most people would think the bigger is the better, no such formula applies in this case as most experts believe the 27.5-inch wheel to be the best option.

It is the medium size, which makes it perfect for all kinds of journeys. The problem with a smaller size is that it’s difficult to pass over obstacles such as rocks.

On the other hand, bigger wheels produce extra weight on the entire frame, which can make it difficult to ride and maneuver a bike. Considering this, 27.5-inch wheel of a 650B frame is the perfect fit for racers who want smoother rides.

Perfect Range Of Travel: With a 148mm frame travel, this ICAN carbon frame can overcome everything a mountain has to throw on the way. No matter what the terrain is, you will be able to ride the bike without any trouble.

The front wheel is a bit further to the rider so as to improve control, especially when there are many obstacles during the journey. BIkes and suspension technologies have come a long way and the control is much more subtle than what it used to be when suspension technology wasn’t as good as it is now.

Momentum Of Axle: The axles on the ICAN Carbon Frame triggers front as well as rear shocks. These shocks are up and down movements on 148mm. This increases fork stiffness and makes it easier for the rider to have better control on downhill steep races.

All in all, if you are racing on a rough mountain terrain then this size of the axle serves better control at higher speeds.

Benefits Of 650B All Mountain Carbon Suspension Frame

The 650 MTB frame reigns supreme because of the following benefits:

Easy Assembling: If you’re a mountain bike enthusiast then you won’t face any problems assembling this frame correctly. The wheelset, axles and other components can be easily fitted. Here’s a video to help you out with the assembling:

However, if you face any difficulty in assembling, visit a local bike shop nearby to get assistance. The assembly takes only a few minutes and you will master it in no time.

Obstacle Tackling: The 27.5-inch wheel size of this frame can tackle 9.8% obstacles more efficiently than a 26-inch wheel.  The angle of attack is reduced to 4x. Meaning, objects intersecting with the wheels at higher speeds are reduced.

This is a great thing for racers because this way they can keep riding at a constant speed without any difficulty and at a reduced risk of imbalance.

More Acceleration: This MTB frame weighs 2190g which is an ideal frame weight as it distributes the weight just perfectly.

The reason that a 650B is able to produce more acceleration is that the rider doesn’t have to push much harder on the pedals. The mechanism of the frame is such that all the weight is directed at the center which boosts acceleration.   

Better Control: The larger the diameter of the bike’s wheel, the better traction you’ll get and better traction means, better control. The contact patch of a 650B inch wheel is almost similar to a 29-inch wheel, therefore, expect better acceleration/deceleration and cornering.


  • A 31.6 mm seatpost diameter which is enough to stay put inside a seat tube with a 34.9 mm clamp diameter.
  • Headset: Top 1-1/8", down 1- 1/2" provides perfect rotatability between the bicycle fork and the head tube.
  • The bottom bracket of 73 mm which is perfect for a mountain bike.
  • 100% carbon fiber.


  • A bit heavier when it comes to climbing.

Final Words

All in all, the ICAN 650B Mountain Carbon Suspension Frame is an ideal choice if you are looking for better controllability, acceleration and handling. It is an affordable option that is also quite affordable and will allow you to enjoy biking more while reducing the risk of accidents.


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