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How long is the life of a road bike frame

You might ask: How long is the life of a road bike frame? "—"What happens at the end of life? "This article will try to answer that question.
In this article, we'll show you how to extend the life of your road bike frame. This beginner's guide will give you an idea of how often you should replace the frame.

Road bike frames come in different material types, we need to categorize to discuss this topic.

Aluminum road bike frame life

The life of the aluminum frame is basically long. It takes about 5 to 10 years. If you neglect regular maintenance, the frame can crack in less than a few years.

The life of the aluminum frame is basically long. it can be used for about 5 to 10 years. But if you ignore regular maintenance, the frame can crack in less than a few years.

Riders who are mistaken believe that if a road bike's frame is made of aluminum, it must be a solid frame, so it's easy to assume that regular maintenance isn't necessary.

But actually it still breaks. To make the aluminum frame of a road bike last longer, it is necessary to regularly maintain (check) the paint for floating or cracking. With regular maintenance, your aluminum frame can last up to 10 years.

Carbon fiber road bike frame life

It is said that carbon has a shorter life than aluminum, but if you have regular maintenance, it will last for about 10 years.

However, the reason why carbon frames are said to have a shorter life than aluminum is that carbon is originally low in durability. Because carbon is a solidified resin.

The impact from the outside is considerably weaker than that of aluminum. However, carbon is a material that is a little different from that of road bikes, but it is also often used in airplanes.

Carbon is used in airplanes for a longer period of time than aluminum, and it does not cost a budget in the long run. Therefore, when using a carbon road bike frame, regular maintenance is not a problem.

Tips on carbon frames: Carbon is susceptible to UV light

The development of science and technology to promote the technological progress of human protective resin, so the frame is not easy to deteriorate. However, carbon is susceptible to UV rays and can deteriorate if exposed to UV light for extended periods of time. Therefore, when using a carbon fiber frame, with proper UV protection, it can be prevented from deteriorating faster than usual.

Chromoly bike frame: For people who have a long life

For those who are concerned about the lifespan, we recommend the frame made of chromoly. Chromoly is made of a combination of iron and copper, and has a longer frame life than carbon, lasting several decades. Aside from the weight, it's the perfect bike for beginner road bikers.

Easy to rust because iron is used
However, since chromoly uses iron material, the frame is easy to rust. It's okay if you avoid rain and the area around the sea as much as possible.

How to extend the life of your road bike frame

If you want to extend the life of the road bike frame, it is safe to hold down this point. "Prevent tire deterioration," "prevent rain and UV rays," "wipe the frame," "be careful of steps," and "stop driving if you feel something is wrong." Let's take a closer look.

① Prevent rain and ultraviolet rays

Frames made of any material are still vulnerable to rain and UV rays. Therefore, it is advisable to take measures such as attaching a road bike cover. However, if you keep the cover on for a long time, the road bike may get very damp, so be careful.

② Wipe the frame

It's a good idea to wipe the frame frequently, even if the road bike frame is clean. You can detect invisible stains and strange parts at an early stage. Also, as I wrote earlier, if you have been wearing the cover for a long time, it is safe to wipe off the moisture with a towel or the like. The moisture can damage the frame and rust the screws.

③ Be careful of steps

People riding a road bike should slow down and climb up and down the steps, even on small steps. Most road bike frames are made of carbon, which is vulnerable to external shocks. Also, consider the tire surface and be careful of the steps. Road bike tires are thin and prone to deterioration.

④ Stop driving if you feel something is wrong

If you feel something is wrong when you go down a step, stop driving and go to a bicycle shop. After using it for a while, the frame may make some strange noise. You shouldn't drive too hard to extend the life of your road bike frame.

3 Recommended Carbon Frames

Finally, I would like to introduce ICAN carbon road frame. Most of the frames I will introduce are made of carbon material such as T800 and T700. By using this material, the price can be kept within 1000$, and it will be possible to make a very sturdy frame. In addition, all frame products come with a 2-year free warranty, so if the frame is scratched, you should use the free warranty.

Summary: Regular maintenance options to extend the life of your road bike frame

The above is the life of the road bike frame and the introduction of the frame using carbon. Road bikes are vulnerable to rain, UV rays and steps, regardless of whether they are made of aluminum, carbon or chromoly. So it's a good idea to clean the frame regularly and slow down when you go down the steps.

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