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Everything You Need To Know About Bicycle Tyres Size

Why you should know bicycle tyre size?

Bicycle tire is an important part of the entire vehicle, which affects the performance of the vehicle. After you understand the bicycle tire size, you can know whether the bicycle is suitable for you. And there are currently common manufacturing specifications for bicycle tire size. The size advantage is different.

Knowing the bicycle tire size can help you clearly understand your bike purchase needs. 

Eventhough everyone is talking about tire size in road biking and gravel grinding. We have started to discover that wider tires don’t mean less speed. They can bring more speed and, possibly, more importantly, they bring more comfort.

The problem is how do you know what size of tires you need? What tires will fit the rims that you ride? What exactly is the size of my tires? What do the Various Size Specifications on Bicycle Tires Mean?

Tires have a lot of sizing information written on their sides and knowing what it means can be elusive. This article is about bike tire sizes related content. Through it, you can understand the basic form of current bike Tire Sizes and understand the use environment of ICAN bike tires.It is a complete guide about bike tire sizes in 2021.

What size tires do i need?

If you want to be comfortable,the easy answer here is the biggest tires that will fit on your wheel rim and give you clearance for your frame or fork. You’ll find that many manufacturers will tell you the maximum size that you can fit.

You need to consider your height and weight. The trend in recent years is that bike tire size is getting bigger and bigger.

What width bike tire will fit my rim?

You need to consider your height and weight. The trend in recent years is that bike tire size is getting bigger and bigger.You also need to find the right bike tire to fit your rim.

The following are common size combinations


mountain width bike tire will fit bike rim

How to know tire size on bike

What do the Various Size Specifications on Bicycle Tires Mean?

You may be pullzed what is my bicycle tire size.Usually you can check your tire's sidewall—the numbers there indicate your tire size (roughly its outer diameter and its width,). For example 700 x 32c means that indicates a tire that has an outer diameter of 700mm and a width of 32mm.

Generally speaking,Bicycle tire measurements have two components. The larger number is the tire diameter in inches, and the smaller number is the tire width in inches. Tire diameter usually ranges from 12 to 26 inches, and tire width normally ranges from 1.75 to 2.215 inches.

We need to know that road bike and MOUNTAIN bike use different units for named sizes.Use C for road bike and inch for er mountain bike.

What are the commonl size the bike tire use 

Common standard road bike tire sizes are 700c x 23mm which is A standard road tire, indicating a tire diameter of approximately 700mm and a width of 23mm. There are also some uncommon sizes now, such as 510C 500c, 450c, etc.

The common mountain bike tire size is 26.5er 27.5er 29er. Now the most mainstream mountain bike size is 27.5er,29er moutain bike.26.5er mountain bike has become an obsolete product.

Bicycle tire size chart

We often meet this situation: worn tires affect my riding experience and I need to replace with new tires. Fortunately, various carbon bikes on the market can be assembled, which means we can use new forums replace your well-worn tires. Then what is the basis for our replacement.

We all know that unfit tire size could damage the rim and put the riders in danger. If the tire is not wide enough, you’re risking more pinch flats and blowouts; if it is too wide, tire burping and poor stability may occur. So it is essential to find suitable bike tire size.

The complete bike size chart will provide guidance on what tires sizes can match your internal rim width

We can find many versions of bike tire size chart on the Internet. You can choose the appropriate icon for reference.

At below, we share the command bike size chart to let you refer. Check it carefully before ordering carbon rims or buying new tires. If your combination is not listed here, please contact us to discuss it.

The Good video about bike size you can refer to at below

Bike tire size chart list

Is there a cheat sheet for road bike tire sizing available?

Yes. If you don’t want to know any more about tires just check our quick guide to which tires will fit the width of your rim.

Image is taken from

The above chart shows the internal width of your rim and the corresponding tire size that’ll fit on that rim. You will want to avoid fitting tires in the red sections. Some people have gotten away with putting unsuitable tires on but it is a risk you don’t need to take.

As you can see rims will fit a variety of tire sizes, and it is worth picking a rim that suits your riding. We use an 18.25 internal width of our Aero and Fast and Light wheels as it allows you a big range that fits most modern riding styles.

Who made the bike tire size standard

Who made the bike tire size standard
At present, the standard is mainly formulated by two major international organizations, ISO and ERTO.
We all know ISO (International Organization for Standardization) was established on February 23, 1947 as an international standard establishment organization that formulates international standards for industry and commerce around the world. ISO is headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland

What is ERTO?

ETRTO is the European tire and rim technical organization, and is professional measurement of circumference.
Many countries use their size standards as the specifications for bike size manufacturing, so as to avoid confusion in various sizes.

Do you know how everyone likes to mention that bike manufacturers love to create new standards? The idea for this was born during the period when the cycle industry was giving us a new standard on a weekly basis. Thankfully we seem to be moving away from that.

What though does this have to do with ERTO? Well, back in the day every country had its own way to measure tires. Some made more sense than others. All these standards were proving to be a nightmare to consumers.

It was decided that to make everything easier that there should be an international standard guide for tire sizing. The new method was originally named the "E.T.R.T.O." system, and you may still see that around. The E.T.R.T.O stood for the European Tire and Rim Technical Organization.

The system that was adopted is a part of the ISO system, the International Organization for Standardization. The particular name given to the ERTO standard is ISO 5775. We can thank this rule for allowing us not to have to navigate the fact that there used to be six types of 26” tire.

What does ERTO tell us about tire size markings?

The ISO/ERTO standard system uses two numbers. The first number you see will be how wide the tire inflates. It is also worth noting that this is a guide for most companies. Different rims will affect this width. Your rim can also change the shape of your tire, so if your rim has recommended sizes follow that guide.

The second number is the wheel/tire/rim size, and this is the number that confuses most people. The reason for the confusion is that this number is not the number most people use in their everyday conversations on bike wheels and tires.

You’ll probably use the French system for road wheels and call your wheel a 700c. Under the ERTO system, your wheel is actually 622 mm. 622 is also the same as a mountain bike 29” rim. Mountain bikes generally use inches instead when talking about a wheel and tire size.

Except, there is always an exception, for the new standard of 27.5”. It is sometimes referred to by its size in the French system, which is 650b. So that you know there is also a 650a and 650c. 27.5” and 650b under ERTO are 584 mm. A 650 tire with no letter is narrow, as you go up the letters the tires get wider in the French system.

The French system in case you were curious uses the outer diameter of the tire to measure its size. The ISO/ERTO system uses the inner diameter of the tire. The inch system is not as a great measurement of size as it isn’t as specific as either the ERTO or French system.






Size Marking


28 x 1.40

28 x 1 5⁄8 x 1 3⁄8

700 x 35C

Outer diameter


ca. 28 inch

ca. 700 mm

Inner diameter

622 mm



Tire width

ca. 37 mm

ca. 1 3⁄8 inch

bzw. 1.40 inch

ca. 35 mm

Tire height


ca. 1 5⁄8 inch



So, if you see 622 x 35mm. You’ll be looking at a road bike sized tire, more likely to be a gravel or cyclocross variant though. If you are buying tubes giving an ERTO number will make your life a lot easier and avoid accidently getting the wrong tube, provided you know what valve style you need.

What size tires can fit the ICAN FL and AERO rim?

ICAN Aero wheels and our Fast and Light wheels share the same aerodynamic wheel rim shape. The only difference is that the Aero range uses Toray T700 and T800 carbon fiber in its construction. The Fast and Light series only uses Toray T700 in its construction. The mix of carbon fiber allows our Aero wheelsets to be around 100g lighter than our fast and light series rims.

40mm will be more than enough for the majority of gravel riders. You’d need to be doing some serious off-roading if you want to go more than 40mm wide and you might be better looking at our 29er XC wheels.

In between these sizes, you’ll be able to run the UCI maximum width cyclocross tires. You’ll be able to easily get those 33mm wide tires onto our Aero and FL rims. By the way, did we mention that they are tubeless ready?


If you finish reading this article, I think you will understand that how to read bike tire size,why they named it so.If you have any questions about bike tire size, you can comment below.

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