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Taurus is exactly the right name for this aggressively responsive aero all-rounder

Lately, I been looking for a bike that was lighter and more reliable then the bike I have now. I needed a bike that was so light that could travel 20 blocks and not feel a thing. I was also looking for a new way to travel to and from work. My car has gone out again and I didn’t feel like buying another one.

I have decided I was going to buy me a really good and light bike. I spent thousands of dollars on many cars. Cars gave me too much of a headache with their unexpected fees and insurance bills. The gas prices were really high at the time also.

Now was the time to purchase something that could fix my situation and save money in the long haul. I had a bike before I bought this one, but it was heavy and required a lot of leg push to get to a destination. It took me hours to reach the park that was about 7 miles away. I bought this bike a couple months ago. I knew it was a bit pricey so I decided to save up for it. It took me about 5 months.

The aerodynamics and handling on this bike are amazing. The Carbon Road Bike Taurus was more than capable. Better then I expected actually. The bike is very light. I can barely feel the bike’s weight when I drive along the park pass.

I would take a bike pass that had many narrow paths and tight curves. The bicycle turns better than expected. It is so quick and responsive. Each turn was also smooth and not sharper than needed. A lot of effort was put into the aerodynamics of the bike. The bike doesn’t require much energy either which is convenient for me because I have to use the bike for work. The bike also tends to turn with the wind very nicely.

It moves like a bird in the forest. I can feel the aerodynamic shift in the tire rotation. The tires are made with a steam line fork design that is used by the professional cyclist. This allows the tires to track with the road precisely.

The 105 dual control lever lets me change the position of my hands very quickly. There are times when I want to lean in on the bike and there are times when I want to lean back on the bike. I can hold the grip of the handy bars vertically without losing grip.

The handy bars are so easy to switch up with your hands. They are also covered with black and soft protective material to allow me to hold tightly without getting blisters. The material feels so smooth and makes want to sleep on the handy bars sometimes.

The seat of the bike was interesting. It felt weird at times. It was very narrow and made me feel like I had less weight on my lower body. Now, I noticed I couldn’t sit up and pedal the bike for too long. I would find myself losing balance.

The seat is not wide like the bikes you see in your local Walmart. The seat is capable of balancing your body, but at high speeds, you have to be careful.

If you are someone that likes to lean on bikes, I would suggest you get a wide seat to adjust to your comfort. It is very unbalanced to ride the bike in a lean position.

No, you need to lean forward instead of backwards. Otherwise, you might find your self-losing balance. I lost my balance one time on a stormy night and decided to get a wide seat replacement. When you are in a hurry, the standard seat would be sufficient enough. But, during the rainy days and lazy days, you need to get a wide seat replacement.

The quick release axle or the brakes are really good. Each time I clamped down on the tech, it would slow my bike down quickly. Sometimes, I would hold the brakes at intervals to see if it could maintain the composure of the bike.

The bike was very stable with each squeeze. I didn’t notice the bike giving away like my old bike. My old bike did slide to the left and right. This bike stayed in the same place when push the brakes. It is a good bicycle for people who run into surprises in your neighborhood. You have to slow down your bike at times and avoid hitting people.

The freehub on the Taurus bike which is connected to the gear works pretty good. It kept the bike gears in line and the bike chain did not jump off. My old bike had a freehub but it wasn’t too good. The freehub on my old bike would get loose and the chain on the gears would run improperly. I had that old bike for years and its been robbed on a few times. It had its day. The chain would constantly come off and it happens at any time.

Rather I was going fast or slow, the chain would just come off. The new bike had a chain that stayed on the bike at all times. It never loses track of where it was supposed to go. The chain did what it was supposed to do. It moved when I shifted the gears. It went about it fast and sometimes I could not hear the gear shift.

Another thing to note, the bike does not vibrate much. I do not know what causes this. But, the bike seems to be very smooth while you ride on the sidewalk and very quiet. I can barely hear the sound of the tires speeding up when I stop moving the pedals. The tires seem to be designed to be very quiet.

I would recommend this bike to any one that needs a new bike because this bike is designed to move with little effort. The bike is very light and very quiet. You will get your money’s worth with this bike in a few short years.

It will run better than any bike you had before and its used by some bicycle professionals. Go buy one today because this bike is one quiet one. Quiet enough to see your self-fly in the wind. Flying smooth like a bird.

  • Jul 03, 2018
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