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    Boost Wheelset

    Mountain bike wheels used to be simple, all you had to do was buy a 26” wheel, now there are all kinds of options. One of the fastest growing options are the new Boost wheels and frames, such as the ICAN 27.5 Plus Mountain Boost Frame. What is Boost though and why is it amazing?

    Boost is the changing of hub widths from 100mm to 110mm on your fork and from 135/142 to 148 on the back end of your frame. Now that your hub is wider it allows the hub’s flanges to be placed further apart; this will enable us to build you a stronger and tougher wheelset. This increased stiffness will let you have more control of your bike. The simple way to think about the stiffness is that a 29er wheel will now be as stiff as a 27.5” wheel and a 27.5” wheel will be as stiff as a 26er.

    The other great thing about Boost is that - because frames are wider to accommodate the new hubs – there is more tyre room. To maximize this extra hub width, all the ICAN Boost wheelsets use a rim with a 35mm internal width. A 35mm internal width means that you can fit a tyre that is up to 3” wide on the wheel. Imagine all the extra traction you can have with a 3” wide mountain bike tyre.

    Because our wheel rims are made of Toray T700 carbon fiber, all mated to a Novatec hub and tubeless ready; our wheels are not heavy compared to an alloy rim with a 35mm internal width. This means you can get all the fun but none of the weight penalty that usually goes with Boost wheels. Climbing hills with our wheels will still be fun, and on the downhill, our wheels will help you to keep the rubber side down.