ICAN 38 is the Best All-Around Carbon Clincher Road Bike Wheelset Recommended for riders that want a stiff, light wheel that can perform in any conditions.The 38mm, 100%...
If you want to smash Strava times, race crits or time trial then our 50mm deep section carbon...
Fancy a wheelset that is optimised to give you speed but also great handling? Not all of us...
 ICAN 38 is the Best All-Around Carbon Clincher Road Bike WheelsetRecommended for riders that want a stiff, light...
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Even though Tubeless Ready Wheels is becoming more and more popular among riders, Carbon clincher wheels is still the love of some riders.

Clincher wheels is recognized by everyone because of its simple maintenance and moderate price.
ICAN Cycling's carbon clincher wheels are designed for riders who like clincher tires.The wheels is very light to make you arrive at new level for cycling.You can buy the high quality clincher wheels online at a affordable price here.

What is the difference between carbon clincher wheels and tubeless ready wheels.

Read the aticle to check the difference: Carbon Clincher Wheels vs Tubeless Ready Wheels

Our clincher wheelset features a Novatec hub, a brand that has become synonymous with quality and low price. You can find this hub on our straight pull spoked wheels, available in 38mm or 86mm varieties as well. Our other clincher wheelsets feature Powerway hubs, both the lightweight aluminum R13 model or you can upgrade to the aluminum/carbon mix of the R36. Both hub versions feature easily replaceable sealed bearings to give you peace of mind.