Type  Carbon Fatbike Rim Material  100% carbon fiber Toray T700 Size  26er Rim  Finish: 12K Glossy/UD Matt Drills:32 holes Width:...
Type  Carbon Fatbike Rim Materials  100% carbon fiber Toray T700 Size  26er Rim  Finish: UD Matt Drills: 32 holes Width:...
$ 218.00 USD
$ 250.00 USD

We support to bulk order carbon fat bike rim at factory price.

Fat bike wheel rims attract people and put people off fat bikes in even measures. They attract people as wide wheel rims look great and put people off as they usually weigh and cost a considerable amount. Our wheel rims look great, do not weigh a lot, and are not expensive.

We offer two carbon fibre rims, and both are made from Toray T700 carbon fibre. You can get them in a 65mm width or 90mm width. Think of 65mm as your do anything rim, fitting around 3.8 to 4.2” tyres. They will be lighter than the 90mm rim, and they will allow you to rail the bike into corners and float over almost anything.

The 90mm carbon fibre fat bike rim is a real monster of a rim. You will be able to float over snow, sand, and bogs with these rims on, nothing will get in your way, especially as the rim is designed for 4 to 5” tyres. Your bike will devour the trail. You should find that they flatten out the tread in even the widest of tyres, meaning even the most adventurous terrain can be easily negotiated. Great if you decide to go bikepacking in highly remote areas.

Both of our rim designs are tubeless ready. Going tubeless on a fat bike is the best way to ride your bike. You can run super low pressures and maximize the amount of floatation you can get from your tyres. Optimising your floatation is excellent for the environment as well. Rather than your tyres cutting up wet trails, you will float over the top and not dig in and add to trail erosion.

As well as this the low pressures can act as a form of suspension, saving your body and added with the carbon qualities of rim deflection, you will have a nice amount of suspension and lack of trail chatter. You should also be able to avoid punctures by going tubeless, as no one wants to have to take their gloves off to fix punctures in winter this can be seen as a godsend.