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All things you need to know when purchase Chinese carbon wheels

As you may have noticed, the products of many world-renowned bicycle manufacturers are manufactured in China. This shows the high level of bicycle production technology in China. However, at the same time, there was a time when unbranded and fake motorcycles were rampant. As a bike parts manufacturers,we are also struggling with these bad impression.

The best way to get rid of a bad reputation is to try our best to make better products and get recognized by customers. And that era has arrived. The reason why I dare to call it the "Chinese Carbon Wheels" here is to proudly show off the trustable of China's manufacturing. We would be very grateful if you can keep up with us till the end.

What is a Chinese carbon wheel?

A Chinese manufacturer's wheel brand, products made in China are called Chinese carbon wheels. In recent years, its ability has been evaluated, and above all, its overwhelming cost performance has gained enthusiastic support.

Types of Chinese carbon wheels

Chinese carbon clincher wheels

Despite the rise of disc brakes, the rim brake system has the goodness of being perfected and will not disappear. The Chinese wheels have reached the maturity level, so you can choose with confidence. And the easy-to-use clincher type wheels are still very popular.

carbon clincher wheel

Chinese tubeless carbon wheels

Tubeless tires are becoming more popular in recent years because they are comfortable to ride and are less likely to puncture. The number of Chinese wheels that can be equipped with both clincher and tubeless is increasing, so it is a good idea to choose such a wheel and experience tubeless tires once.

③ Chinese disc brake carbon wheels

With Shimano's mid-sized component 105 and Tiagra preparing hydraulic disc versions, it can be said that the era of full-scale disc brakes has arrived. It is even said that if you get lost between rim brakes and disc brakes, you can choose a disc. The difference from the wheel for rim brake is quite big, and the structure of the rim and the spoke pattern and the number of spokes are also different. Since it is built solidly to receive strong braking force, it is unavoidable to increase the weight a little, but the market share of Chinese wheels is gradually increasing.

disc brake carbon wheels

4. Chinese Mini carbon wheels

The mini velo is very useful as a regular foot for people riding road bikes and MTBs. Above all, there are models that are easy to handle and quite sporty. There is also demand for competition vehicles such as BMX. However, there are few types of wheels for mini velo, and it can be said that the existence of Chinese carbon wheels that adapt to these is encouraging.

⑤ Chinese G3 carbon wheels

G3 is a method of assembling spokes originally devised by Italian company C. It was a challenge to build spokes with low air resistance and light weight, and it is especially suitable for high-rigidity aero wheels. We also have a solid lineup of G3 group products for Chinese carbon wheels.

⑥ Chinese carbon MTB (mountain bike) wheels
Of course, there are also sturdy Chinese carbon wheels for MTB. The mainstream is compatible with tubeless tires that are resistant to punctures.

How about the durability and rigidity of Chinese carbon wheels

① Durability

The best way to judge durability is the warranty period. No warranty is given for products that you are not confident about. The warranty period is usually 1 to 2 years, but there is no doubt that the durability and reliability of those with a 2-year warranty have been taken into consideration. Other guidelines include reviews and product reviews, but keep in mind that they are not 100% reliable.

② Rigidity

You can think that the rigidity required for normal use is sufficiently secured. Rigidity also changes depending on how the spokes are assembled. If it's an introductory class, you'll get better results if you don't just focus on being lightweight, but choose one that has spokes that are reasonably well-assembled (discussed below).

How to choose Chinese carbon wheels

Matching the carbon disc with the frame is important. If it is from a manufacturer that also manufactures frames, you can choose with confidence, with due consideration for that. Of course, the longer the warranty, the more reliable it is. Please note the following points when choosing.

① Being lightweight

It is said that the weight difference between 500g of the frame and 500g of the wheel is twice as effective. Also, the lighter the wheel rim, the more sensitive the suspension is. Of course, excessive weight reduction leads to a decrease in rigidity. Particular attention should be paid to how the spokes are assembled. Wheel weight reduction should be considered as a set with tires / tubes. Replacing with a lighter tire / tube is the easiest and most effective weight reduction compared to the normal set. Twice

② Is the accuracy certain?

Checking the rotation status in the video is a good way to check the accuracy. There are various types of videos, including those produced by manufacturers.

③ Is the rigidity maintained?

Chinese manufacturers also pay attention to rigidity. You should think about it in total, together with the spoke assembly method I talked about earlier.


The high cost performance, which is the biggest selling point of Chinese parts, will be the focus of everyone's attention. Today, quality, accuracy, rigidity, durability and reliability have all reached a considerable level. Especially for those who are thinking of upgrading their car in the entry class, it may be the best choice. Chinese manufacturers that offer good products do not neglect customer service. If you have any questions about the wheel, we highly recommend contacting us.

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