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The important things you need know about Bottom Brackets

How to Keep Bottom Brackets Good performance ?

If you want to keep the performance advantages of a press-fit bottom bracket, you’ll need to keep on top of the maintenance that it requires. Press-fit bottom brackets utilize large bearings that are pressed into the frame.

BB30 was devised by Cannondale, and BB86/92 is a Shimano designed standard. They both require similar maintenance, and we’ll be showing you how to keep your bearings bringing you top performance.

You can skimp on the tools that you need to perform maintenance on press-fit bottom brackets, such as by using a piece of wood and hammer. It’ll save you some money, but if you get hitting the bearings wrong, you will be ending up with a larger bill.

 Always double check that the instructions below are exactly what your part’s manufacturer wants you to do.

How to remove your press-fit bottom bracket


Remove BB86 style bottom bracket

If you have a BB86 style bottom bracket, you’ll need a removal tool that looks like this.

These bearing removal tools are designed for cup style bottom brackets. You take the top end and push it through your bottom bracket, the tool then compresses and expands behind the bearing. You then take a mallet and hammer the bearing out. It will take a lot of force to do so, so remember and brace your frame by holding the downtube firmly.
Now, the sad bit is that these bearings are not designed to be taken out and cleaned and put back in. They are designed to be removed when they are worn down. Once you take the bearing out, it is effective for the bucket.


Remove BB30 style bottom bracket 

If you have a BB30 style bottom bracket, you’ll need a removal tool like this.


This tool takes a little more care to use than the previous removal tool. You insert the hammer end through the opposite side bearing from the one you want to remove; it doesn’t matter in which order you remove them.

Then you use the blue plastic guide to square the tool up, and then you tap the bearing out. Make sure you line the tool up correctly, or you can end up taking the bearing out at an angle, and that can become a costly mistake.

How to fit a press-fit bottom bracket

Similar to removing bearings, you can skimp on the tools and use a piece of wood and a hammer to fit the bearings. You can though very easily end up ruining your frame, and it can only be your decision if that risk is one you want to take. You’ll also find that nor using the proper tools can void your bike’s warranty.

To fit press=fit bearings, you’ll want a bottom bracket bearing press set.

They can look a bit scary, but they aren’t really, and once you’ve picked the correct bearing size adaptors. The correct adaptors will have the same outer diameter size as your bearing and the same spindle diameter on the extended part of the adaptor.

Thread your bearing adaptor piece down the tool, and the adaptor should be on the outside towards the handle. Then pass the toll through your bottom bracket shell. Once the tool has passed through, thread the other bearing and adaptor on to the tool. Then use the lock tool, lock one bearing in place and start to turn the handle. By doing it this way, the adaptors will hold the bearings in place and stop them from going in a squint.

The right tools for this job will make it a very simple process, and it will also be relatively quick. If you don’t invest in the correct tools, you could then be investing in a new bottom bracket.

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