With ICAN Full Suspension Frame, you'll find the road less traveled is calling your name


This is one frame made for maximum performance on tough terrains, mountain trails, and snowy mountainous regions. The SN04 is a rugged full suspension bike frame engineered and manufactured for use in the most uneven, and treacherous terrains.

This frame is not just a carbon bike frame made with part carbon and part aluminum or steel; this frame is one hundred percent carbon fiber, weighing in at just over 35 pounds. The frame offers sufficient stiffness, outstanding strength, and weight savings without affecting the integrity of the frame, or the quality of the ride. For those cyclists needing a heavy terrain rugged lightweight bike frame, the ICAN Carbon Fat Bike

Full Suspension Frame SNO4 is second to none!

Significant Features of The ICAN Carbon Fat Bike Full Suspension Frame SNO4

  • This carbon fiber frameworks with both single and double chainring drivetrain setups.
The front-mounting derailleur bracket features a clean single chainring build.
This bracket is made to be of the removable type.
  • The frame has been engineered for the RockShox Bluto suspension forks.
This type of suspension can be utilized for 120mm of travel.
Optimal suspension form recommended is the standard 74mm standard post-mount fork.
Maximum suspension fork size is any post-mount fork that allows the thru-axle spacing does not go over the manufacturer’s suggested 150x15 mm hub spacing.
  • ICAN strongly advises the use of the suggested RockShox MonarchXX.200x51mm rear shock with this carbon frame.  
This rear shock ensures the travel design of 120mm.
If you do choose to use another rear shock, the visual lengths should meet the specification’s of ICAN. ICAN suggested ground clearance is 2.55 mm. 
    • ICAN has designed this frame for stress-free maintenance.
    The frame is one of the few bike frames to be engineered so the brake cable can be hidden inside the frame.
    This feature provides full protection of your brake cables, insulating your brakes cables from the dust, dirt, and the grime of all the rugged terrains you will be riding this bike through.
    Since the cables are hidden inside the frame maintenance is quicker and easier to perform!
    • The ICAN designed Chainstay Guard, like the other ingenuous features of this bike, does not allow the chain to come in contact with the frame.
    This feature benefits the cyclist with longer lifespan time of the chain and the lifespan of the frame itself.
    •  The tapered headtube gives the stability of greater fork stiffness, and front-end frame stiffness, without adding unnecessary weight to the frame.
    Carbon Full Suspension fat bike Frame SN04

       Frame Specifications

      • Carbon Fat bike frame manufactured of Toray 700 carbon.
      • UD Matt Weave with custom painting.
      • Headtube top of one and one-eighth inches.
      • Headtube down of one and one-half inches.
      • Seatpost size of 31.6 mm.
      • Seat clamp size of 37mm.
      • Disc Rotor Size of 160mm on front and rear brakes.
      • Rear Spacing of 197 mm.

      RockShox Reverb Adjustable Seatpost with Remote Control and Other Innovative Features of Carbon Frame

      • By using the 31.6 diameter seatpost size, the carbon seatpost or adjustable seatpost can be used.
      The RockShox Reverb seatpost can be used with the available remote control.
      • 12 x 197mm Symmetrical Rear Spacing.
      • ICAN has engineered this carbon frame for installation of maximum size 4.8-inch fat tire with it’s 120mm Bottom Bracket Shell Design.
      • ICAN Post Mount Disc Brake Design, 74mm center-to-center, allows for simple setup and additional weight savings.
      • Special Rear Thru-Axle Design with 197mm rear spacing, with use of 249mm length thru axle, and 1.5mm pitch thread to lock up.
      • No rear brakes and cables exposed to the grime and hazards of dusty, dirty, and uneven trails.
      To brakes cables clean and protected, all cables are ran through internal routing through the chainstay and downtube.

      Tire and Wheel Options

      • 26 x 3.8 – 4.8” on a rim up to 100mm in length.
      • 29 x 2.25- 3.0” on a rim up to 100mm in length.
      • 5 x 3.0- 3.25” on a rim up to 100mm in length.


        ICAN offers a fast and responsive team and quick shipping. Careful attention is paid making quality superior to the other carbon frames on the market. Finish is superior with no blemishes. Pivots are smooth and solid, and cyclists report no needed adjustment needed, unlike some of the Asian manufactured frames.

        Cyclists especially like the feature of the rear brake cables through the chainstay and downtube. All cyclists report the brakes cable’s and housing last longer since they are protected. Less down time on their bike, and when maintenance is needed, maintenance is easier and required less frequently.

        Cyclists report pedal kick-back very low, making it less chance to bottom out your rear suspension, and also offering larger air volume. This carbon fiber frame works for heavier framed cyclists along with the over 6’3” height cyclist.

        Heavier weight cyclists 250 pounds to 295 pounds have found this frame strong and sturdy for them. Cyclists found the bearings on Ican to be outstanding. Some cyclists have reported minor issues with bearings. However, ICAN quickly sends out new bearings.

        ICAN Fat Bike Full Suspension Frame SNO4 is covered by a two-year warranty from date of purchase. Considering the competition only covers for one year, cyclists do not have to worry about defective parts after only one year. With ICAN, each frame has it’s own identification number and each bike frame is issued with its own warranty card. Just make sure to fill out the warranty card and sent it back to us.

        Wrap Up On Ican  Fat Bike Full Suspension Frame SNO4

        Overall, the full-fat bike full suspension frame SNO4 offers great valve, innovative engineering, technical design offering some of the first in fiber carbon frames designs and engineering.

        Our cyclists love the sturdy construction of our frames, without the weight of heavier conventional steel bike frames, or the flimsiness of aluminum bike frames. Our cyclists, rest assured, love the quality and expertise of our fat bike full suspension frame SNO4.


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