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Riding a fat bike can be very hard?

Everyone by now will have heard about or seen a fat bike.  Some people believe that their time in the sun is now at an end. We though don’t believe that and feel that everyone needs a fat bike in their quiver. In fact, a fat bike might make the perfect quiver killer. With a fat bike, you can get multiple bikes in one, which is a great way to justify the cost of buying a new one, especially a well thought out one like our ICAN models.

Lightweight Fat Bike Wheels

One of the things people always mention about fat bikes is how heavy their wheels are. That doesn’t need to be true, sure some companies love to make heavy wheels and tell you that is what you need, but we want you to enjoy riding, so we created some lightweight fat bike wheels.

Buyer's Guide To Fat Bike Wheels 2022

If you’re looking for wheels for your fat bike and look online,The guide will help you choose the fat bike wheels better in 2022 

You can still enjoy your cycle rides in the depths of winter. All it takes is careful and systematic preparation of your clothing, bike, attitude a...

There are different brands of fat bikes that you can choose from. The current number of bikes is short, the fat bike 2021 you can buy immediately.

Do I Want A Full Suspension Fat Bike?

Fat bikes started out as rigid steel bikes. Mountain bikes started out as rigid steel bikes. It was therefore only natural that one day we would end up with carbon fiber full suspension fat bikes. The question though is, do you need one?

By now you will be aware that fat bikes can go the places other bikes cannot go. By getting a full suspension fat bike, you can now add extremely gnarly terrain to that mix. I’m sure my full sus fatty could take a two-story drop, but I am just to chicken to find out.

Buyer's Guide To Fat Bike 2022
The complete guide to choosing a fat bike, very detailed and with the fat bike size,the fat bike components,the difference between a fat bike and mountain bike.

Carbon Full Suspension Frame SN04

This is one frame made for maximum performance on tough terrains, mountain trails, and snowy mountainous regions.

The SN04 is a rugged full suspension bike frame engineered and manufactured for use in the most uneven, and treacherous terrains.

This frame is not just a carbon bike frame made with part carbon and part aluminum or steel; this frame is one hundred percent carbon fiber, weighing in at just over 35 pounds.

What is the Best Fat Bike Frame for Me?
Fat bikes are cool, and as we head towards winter (in the Northern hemisphere), you might be thinking about getting one to make sure you don...

The Tips For Riding Fat Bike Winter

So,When we ride in the snow, what should we pay attention to? When you are ready well , everything will become simple .And we'll give you some tips to keep the smile on your face all winter when biking snow.