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Riding a fat bike can be very hard?

Everyone by now will have heard about or seen a fat tire bike. Some people believe that their time in the sun is now at an end. We though don’t believe that and feel that everyone needs a fat bike in their quiver. In fact, a fat bike might make the perfect quiver killer. With a fat bike, you can get multiple bikes in one, which is a great way to justify the cost of buying a new one, especially a well thought out one like our ICAN models.

One of the things everyone assumes about fat tyre bikes is that they are all about winter and crossing frozen tundra. They are undoubtedly good at this, given that fat bikes were originally created to cross Alaska during winter. They have thought far more utility and use than just this one condition, which is possibly why you think you don’t really need one.

Riding a fat bike can be very hard?

You can use a fat bike as a go anywhere trail bike during summer. I have yet to find a comfy commuter. In fact, fat bikes are great for commuting you can bomb downstairs and then you can bomb right back up them. Riding a fat bike upstairs is worth it purely for the look of bemusement that crosses other commuters faces. You can use them to ride across the beach. You can even use them to go and pick up your shopping with and if you feel like doing so, you can use a fat bike to tour the world.

The other thing you might not realize is that you can do all of this at speed. As fat bikes have such wide and low pressured tires you’ll roll through rock gardens, sail off drops, ride over curbs, and possibly even cars. The fat bike is indeed the bike that can get you everywhere and anywhere.

As we said earlier you can even turn a fat bike into multiple bikes. Change your fat bike wheels for a set of narrower rimmed plus wheels and tires and you now have a trail destroyer. Your fat bike will already be fat but now you’ve just given it another little speed boost. You’ll be able to destroy your local trails rising the bike in this setup.

How to pack a fat bike?

Add some bags or racks and you have a perfect bikepacking machine. One of the most important requirements for a bikepacking bike is that it is comfortable. You’ll not want to cover vast distances on an uncomfortable bike. You’ll also not have an issue should the terrain become a bit rougher than you expected. You’ll just carry on rolling.

Then we have another characteristic of fat bikes that makes them great for bikepacking. Due to their wide tires, they have a load of grip and this will help you get up inclines where your standard adventure bike has already run out of traction. It might not be beautiful and it might not be pretty but they can help you climb like a mountain goat and when you're fully laden you don’t want to risk a spill when climbing due to losing traction.

Can i ride a fat bike in summer?

Not only will you be climbing in new terrain with a fat bike but you’ll also be able to explore areas that none of your other bikes can manage. A fat bike will be able to ride across the beach with ease, you won’t sink in the soft sand but you’ll float over the top. This also goes the same for boggy and swampy areas. Your bike will get you through areas where normally you’d have become a squelchy mess. Nothing beats a nice ride along the beach during the heat of summer.

ican sn01 fatbike

ican sn01 hard tail fat bike

As we hinted at when climbing it is hard for a fat bike to lose grip and crash. The ability to stay upright is something that many newcomers to mountain biking will appreciate. It is a great way to build your confidence knowing that your bike will help keep you the right way up as you fire through berms.

 By now your probably thinking that you want a fat bike and after all who could blame you? Well, we offer a nice choice of fat bike frames to build into your dream fat bike.

The ICAN SN01 fat bike frame


The SN01 was our first fat bike frame and was a success. On various forums, you’ll be able to see people enthusing about their SN01. Some have had them from when the model was first released. It looks like they are planning on holding onto them forever. Which we feel is better praise than any 5-star magazine review.

sn01 fatbike carbon frame icanycling

The SN01 is constructed from Toray T700 carbon. This has allowed us to build a very light fat bike frame. An idea that many people can’t get their heads around, fat bikes don’t need to be heavy and made from steel.

The SN01 may be light, but it is still strong and stiff. You might not notice how stiff it is though thanks to running tires at 5 psi. It would be a great bikepacking rig and has room for you to get a great big frame bag in the front triangle.

As well as the ability to take a frame bag the SN01 has rack and fender mounts. So not only will you be able to go bikepacking but you’ll also be able to use the SN01 to get to work in comfort. As we have said fat bikes can be used all year round and have multiple uses.

The ICAN SN02 fat bike frame

The SNO2 Is a fat bike frame that looks like it wants to be a race bike. It looks fast, and it is fast. It would be a great choice if you wanted to get out and do some fat bike races. There is even a fat bike world championship if you fancy trying to become a world champ and the SN02 is the bike to get you there.

sn02 fatbike carbon frame icancycling trek

Like the SN01 the SN02 is constructed using Toray T700 carbon fiber. The T700 allows us to bring you a fat bike that is light as its racy looks imply. It is also stiff enough to make sure that your power gets to the back wheel. Your power goes through a 100 mm BSA shell. We choose a threaded bottom bracket to make sure that you have no issues if your out riding in an ultra-marathon event.

The best fat bike frame SN04 From ICAN

ICAN SN04 fat bike frame

The SN04 is our full suspension fat bike. The SN04 sets new standards in comfort. If you find a standard rigid fat bike comfortable the 120 mm travel SN04 makes riding as smooth as silk. Look at the picture above the bike would hardly notice riding over those boulders.


sn04 carbon fatbike frame icancycling Giant

The SN04 will make you a great trail rider. Rock gardens will no longer hold any fear for you. You’ll just lean back and roll through them. The bike will do all the hard work for you. With the suspension helping to keep your tires on the ground you’ll find no lack of grip with the SN04.

You’ll even notice this grip if you take it on an urban ride or use it for your commute to work. When at lights you’ll be able to track stand practically forever. The bike will keep you upright and not let you waver to the side and fall over, which always hurts your pride more than your body.

The SN04 like our other fat bike frames is constructed from Toray T700 carbon fiber. The carbon this time is built up to make sure that the frameset is stiff despite having a shock linkage built into it. We recommend a Rock Shox Monarch XX shock at the back and a 120mm Rock Shox Bluto out front.

The ICAN fat bike family

Our fat bike frame might only be 3 models big, but it is hard to see why it would need any more models. With our 3 models, we have covered all the fat bike bases. We have brought you high-end carbon fiber fat bike frames and done so at a very affordable price.

The use of carbon fiber allows our models to not only be useful during winter, but they can also be a great summer bike. As you won’t be carrying any excess weight around you’ll definitely find our bikes great for getting some foot out fast cornering actions during the summer. Fat bikes might have been designed initially for floating over snow, but that doesn’t mean you can’t hammer them down dry and dusty tracks in summer.

Once you’ve tried one of our fat bikes you might find it very hard to go back to “normal” bikes, it is not very often that you can call buying a new bike a life-changing idea but with a fat bike you sure can.

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