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Do I Want A Full Suspension Fat Bike?

Fat bikes started out as rigid steel bikes. Mountain bikes started out as rigid steel bikes. It was therefore only natural that one day we would end up with carbon fiber full suspension fat bikes. The question though is, do you need one?

By now you will be aware that fat bikes can go the places other bikes cannot go. By getting a full suspension fat bike, you can now add extremely gnarly terrain to that mix. I’m sure my full sus fatty could take a two-story drop, but I am just to chicken to find out.

Buyer's Guide To Fat Bike 2022
The complete guide to choosing a fat bike, very detailed and with the fat bike size,the fat bike components,the difference between a fat bike and mountain bike.

How To Understand Bicycle Tire Pressures

The best way to find the most suitable bike tire pressure is to refer to the advice of professionals or shops. Generally speaking, they will indicate the recommended tire pressure on the product details page.

Even if you own a perfect bike, you should not ignore the detail of bike tire pressure. Remember: a suitable bike tire pressure can always give you a better riding experience.