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How to Commute and Have Fun?

There is a problem in transportation problem called the last mile problem. When the last mile problem is used around transport, it has to do with how do people get the final mile from a bus or train station to work. The obvious answer for us cyclists is a bike.

The bike trade is also keen on this, so there are a plethora of solutions for urban riding. You can get a folding bike. You could get a hybrid. The problem with these solutions is that they are sometimes a bit subdued. They are too utilitarian, they seem to have had their soul sucked out and the fun of cycling removed.

We felt this could be rectified. We want you to ride to work and feel so exhilarated from your ride that the rest of the day melts away on the high you’re feeling. We want you to fly through traffic. To feel the wind rush through your hair. Your bike to make you smile from ear to ear, we want cycling to make you remember what it feels like to be a child again.