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How to Commute and Have Fun?

There is a problem in transportation problem called the last mile problem. When the last mile problem is used around transport, it has to do with how do people get the final mile from a bus or train station to work. The obvious answer for us cyclists is a bike.

The bike trade is also keen on this, so there are a plethora of solutions for urban riding. You can get a folding bike. You could get a hybrid. The problem with these solutions is that they are sometimes a bit subdued. They are too utilitarian, they seem to have had their soul sucked out and the fun of cycling removed.

We felt this could be rectified. We want you to ride to work and feel so exhilarated from your ride that the rest of the day melts away on the high you’re feeling. We want you to fly through traffic. To feel the wind rush through your hair. Your bike to make you smile from ear to ear, we want cycling to make you remember what it feels like to be a child again.

To enable you turn any disc braked hybrid into a fun-filled urban bike we bring you our Aero 35 Disc wheels.

The Aero 35 Disc wheelset

The Aero 35 is a tough set of wheels. They are not just for road bikes. Constructed from a mix of Toray T700 and T800 carbon fiber cloth they are an upgrade that will make your bike lighter and faster. A new set of wheels is an excellent way to feel like you have a new bike, our Aero wheels will make it feel like you not only have a new bike but a completely different bike.

Our Aero wheels are pretty light. They are around 100g lighter per wheelset than their predecessors, the Fast and Light range. The lightness of these wheels will help you to sprint away from red lights, getting your bike up to speed quickly and easily.

Once up to speed you’ll find these wheels don’t want to lose it. The aero features of their wide and blunt rim profile will help to slice through the air. It will be as if you’re drafting through traffic without having to sit right behind someone.

Tubeless ready performance

One of the fastest ways to ruin any day out riding through the city or commuting is to get a puncture. Getting a puncture can swiftly move a sunny day into a rainy day. That is why our Aero 35 wheelset is tubeless ready.

Fitting tubeless tires and sealant will help mean you’re not plagued by punctures from discarded debris in the street. You’ll also be able to run your tires at a lower pressure, and this brings comfort. You’ll suffer less fatigue from being battered by potholed streets when your urban riding.

The lower pressure and wider tires that you’ll want on our wheels also bring aero advantages. Wider tires help to guide the air around the tire and your rim. It takes longer for the air to detach from the surface. By doing so you prevent drag, less drag means more speed for less effort.

35 mm deep rim

As the rim is 35 mm deep, you’ll find that you won’t go past a side street and suddenly have the wind blow you into traffic. Our 35 mm deep rim is profiled to be able to cut through side winds at most angles of yaw, saving you from nasty surprises.

We are proud of our carbon fiber rim. They have been loved for years in the road bike world as they match high-quality construction with strength and low weight and then add in affordability. It is time that these very same qualities were offered to urban riders.

If you feel our wheels can change your urban riding experience but perhaps you want a frameset that is just as fast and light then can we present to you our AC388 frameset.

The AC388 frameset

Our AC388 frameset was initially designed as a fast gravel bike frameset. The qualities needed for a gravel bike make it great fun for fast urban riding. You might be thinking why don’t I just get a road bike frame if I want a fast urban bike?

Well, a gravel bike offers you a lot of comfort with your speed. A road bike frameset will be less compliant. No one wants to be shaken and rattled through their final mile on a commute to work. One of the ways gravel bikes add compliance is that they can fit wider tires.

If you remember above, we pointed out that our Aero 35 Disc wheels go faster with wider tires. One of the many reasons why matching a set of Aero 35 Disc wheels to our AC388 frame will bring you a fast commuter.

Toray carbon fiber

To help you accelerate faster, the lightweight AC388 is constructed from Toray T700 carbon fiber. You then have a fast frame for sprinting form lights and through gaps in the traffic. When you press down on your pedals, your power will go directly to our Aero 35 wheelset. The BB86 bottom bracket and 12 mm rear wheel axle mean your back end will be super stiff. The Aero wheels can also run a traditional quick release as well.

To go with this fast acceleration, the AC388 comes with a tapered headtube to make your steering on point. Where you want to go is precisely where the AC388 will go. You won’t have any of that oil tanker turning that many hybrids seem to have. You’ll be cutting your way through traffic with a massive smile.

Our AC388 and Aero 35 Disc wheels mean that commuting doesn’t have to be boring, it can be fun. Indeed, it should be fun. If cyclists look like they are having the time of their life, then more people will want to try cycling, and soon we’ll have a lot fewer people driving and safer roads.



  • May 06, 2019
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