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ebike frame

 Enduro EBike Frame150mm Travel eBike Enduro Frame E11
150mm Travel eBike Enduro Frame E11
$ 840.00 USD $ 980.00 USD
Enduro ebike E11Enduro ebike E11
Enduro ebike E11
$ 4,340.00 USD

Ebike Frame is a derivative of technological development.The design purpose of the ebike frame is to better allow the rider to enjoy the scenery along the way and free the rider's feet.
Ebike is popular in the city thanks to the continuous advancement of bike technology, and now ebike can also be designed very delicately rather than bulky.For long-distance riders, ebike is a good choice.

How about your ebike frame

Our E bike frame uses the most mainstream and advanced carbon fiber materials. Features light weight and compact design

Can your e-bike frame be used as an enduro ebike frame

Yes, our latest ebike frame E11 can be used as an enduro MTB ebike.

Your carbon e-bike frame is suitable for road riding ?

Yes, we have a frame option for road ebike.If you want a customized enduro ebike, you can ask us to customize the enduro e-bike frame for you, equipped with other advanced bike components.

Our specialized ebikes need to match specific motors and batteries.Specialized ebikes can bring you an excellent riding experience.

Currently we have launched two ebike frames including the electric mountain ebike frame and the road ebike frame.We will stop to sell the road ebike frame without inventory.

Features of MTB ebike frame

  • MTB e-bike carbon frame is stronger and the geometrical frame is stronger.
  • Fast speed
  • Liberate your feet

What are the advantages of MTB ebike

The advantages of MTB ebike are obvious: you will ride farther, faster, cover more ground in less time, and squeeze with more drops. You will release your leg power to let you ride farther and overcome more obstacles.

Is your ebike frame equipped with shock ?

E11 is a full-suspension e-bike. You need to install rear shock.and you should buy it separately.

What is the ebike frame kit

The ebike frame kit has 1/8 "- 1 1/2"head tube.

Seatpost Diameter.

  • 31.6mm(34.9mm seat clamp) 

Why we choose Bafang M500/M600 drive system for the ebike frame

The main reason why we use Bafang motor system is that we have tested many motor drive systems, and we found that the e11 ebike frame performs well under the drive of bafang motor system. And we also consider the convenience and price when customers buying motors.

Which Bafang battery i should choose for eBike frame

Depending on your riding needs, if you need to ride for a long time, please choose BT F04.

Where to buy the motor drive syetem and battery for the ebike frame

You can inquiry us whether we have the inventory,or you can buy it by yourself in the market.

What is the carbon Ebike frame geometry

Check the details for the electric enduro frame.

Have any customers bought your ebike e11
Yes, if you want to know the customer’s experience in assembling e11 frame, you can join in the discussions here.and check the ebike frame picture below