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Alpha Series Road Bike Wheelsets

One of the best upgrades you can get for your bike is a new pair of wheels, it can give your ride a whole new life. A new pair of wheels can help you lighten your bike, even improve the aerodynamics and make it feel a lot stiffer to cope with the power output.

But choosing a new wheelset is not an easy feat and will mostly leave a big gap in your wallet.
We, at ICAN, are always looking to improve ourselves and we only want to give our customers the best service possible. This is why we want to introduce our latest product: the Alpha road wheelset. For a couple of years we wanted to develop a budget-friendly, but reliable wheelset so that every rider can benefit of the improved riding experience a carbon wheel can give. This is why we want to introduce to you the latest Alpha road bike wheelsets.
The Alpha series of road bike wheelset is a new series of wheels set released by ICAN Cycling in 2021 to meet the needs of more customers.
Our Alpha carbon wheels are a set of great value upgrade wheels, we even think these are the best value carbon aero wheels on the market, but what makes them so great?

Specifications of the Alpha rimbrake wheelsets

For our new ICAN Alpha road wheels we re-imagined and improved the layup of our T700 carbon, based on our Fast and Light wheelset. We even upgraded our renowned 3K Carbon brake track that you can find on our Fast and Light wheelset, which now can withstand temperatures up to 300°C. Our AERO wheelsets on the other hand are equipped with our 3K Twill brake surface

We have chosen to pair our new rims with superlight Novatec hubs and laced them with Pillar 1432 aero spokes, 20 in the front and 24 on the rear wheel with 2-cross type. Both industry leading brands don't need any introduction on their high quality, reliable products.
On our AERO wheelset you’ll find the R01 hubs with straight pull Sapim CX-Ray spokes but with only 18 spokes in the front wheel and 24 in the back wheel, which makes the wheel a bit lighter.
Both these wheelsets come with a HG-freewheel, which gives you the possibility to put up to an eleven speed cassette on your bike.
We have five different Alpha wheel options in our range: 40mm, 45mm, 50mm, 55mm and 86mm deep, all equipped with a wide tubeless ready aero rim.
All of our road wheelsets have the same internal and outer rim width.
At 18.35 internal and 25mm outer width it matches up perfectly with current thinking which determines this to be the most wind-cheating approach when paired with a compatible tire. A wider rim allows you to run thicker, better-handling rubber without an aerodynamic fall out.
Our wheels pair extremely well with a 25 or 28mm tire but they can even take up to a 40mm wide tire!
We know for most of you riders out there the weight of the wheel is what really matters but at approximately 1520 grams, on the 40mm model, our Alpha wheelset is exceptionally light. Off course they’re not as light as our top AERO wheelset, also the 40mm dish model, which weighs in at only 1315 grams but they'll still help you get over any climb or help you chase that impossible KOM.

After a lot of research and development we, at ICAN, are very happy to give every rider the opportunity to get the best possible riding experience without breaking your bank account. All Alpha wheelsets come around 400$ for the pair. In comparison, our premium AERO wheelsets will make your wallet around 650$ lighter, but than again you’ll get an even superior wheelset.
To us, the Alpha wheelset is one of the best, if not the best, cost-effective wheelsets out on the market.

Who can buy Alpha wheelset?

This wheelset is meant for every rider who likes an affordable carbon wheelset to spend a comfortable ride on his weekend getaway or to make the daily commute to work smoother. And off course racers that are looking for a well-priced UCI certified carbon wheelset.

The end package is a very decently priced wheelset, that is super stable and strong enough to match no-nonsense riding. The lightweight wheels are remarkably fast, stiff and responsive, and combined with their depth makes them ideal for climbing, descending and going full-out on the flat. Without a doubt an Alpha wheelset will have a marked effect to any bike you ride them with.
  • Apr 17, 2021
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