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Factors to Consider when buying wheelsets 2021

It is already well known that carbon wheelsets are the ultimate upgrades if you are looking for cutting edge tech. Road bikes are all about speed and this is impossible to do if you are not well equipped. The most crucial aspect of picking the right wheelset for the job is having the knowledge on what to buy.

The perfect wheelset is a clever combination of a number of factors. Wheelsets come with a wheel hub with bearings and axle. These support the spokes which extend to the rims. The spokes pattern and number will affect the strength of the wheelset.

Wheelset tech is advancing fast as manufacturers seek to go further much faster. This has also opened doors for some pretty interesting gadgets when it comes to bike wheels. This is what makes carbon fiber bikes different from the traditional ones. Factors to consider when buying wheelsets.


The wheels size you need to consider

Wheelsets will come in different sizes. These are both functional and optional. The wheel size will include the diameter, width, and depth of the wheel. Narrow rims are best for speed and can be pumped at high pressure which works well for triathlon riders as well as other high-performance riders.

Commuters and tourers will require wider rims which are perfect for a wide range of roads. Deeper rims are perfect for high performance but will not work well in some weather conditions including windy ones. 30 to 40mm wheelsets are perfect for climbing and fast descents. These are ideal for bikes that have stronger frames and can take some degree of physical abuse.

50mm wheelsets are all-rounder working well for going around the city, riding during tours as well as climbing and descents. 86mm works best for triathletes and any rider looking for an edge when it comes to speed. The wheel size determines the rotation per minute covered and consequently the speed. It also determines the frame of the person using the bike.

38mm Wheelset with Sapim CX-Ray Spokes Icancycling

Spokes And Spoke Patterns

The best spokes are those that provide extra strength while keeping the weight minimum. Finding the balance between the speed and the weight of the wheelset is what cutting edge technology is all about.

Carbon wheelsets cone with 3x, 2x and 0x patters depending on the needed weight reduction. Mountain bike wheelsets that need more frames that are rigid will often have 3x spokes pattern while road bikes will have 2x for their rear wheel and 0x radial patter for the front.

This reduces their weight immensely. The Sapim CX-RAY spokes are as light as titanium while offering an aerodynamic option. Sapim CX-Ray spokes are one of the best ways to improve the overall look and weight of your bike. The spokes are well designed compared to the standard steel spokes.

Steel spokes increase the weight of the bike and a large number has to be used at very short intervals to hold the rim in position. The Sapim spokes work hand in hand with the carbon fiber rims to provide extra strength lighter than expected properties. The body is made of carbon fiber and is as light as Titanium.


Spokes and Spoke Patterns hub icancycling



The aerodynamic design beats the tradition spokes providing a cutting-edge advantage. The spokes are valuable for the 38mm wheels and the 50mm wheelset. ICAN wheelsets are well designed for high-performance rides and those leisure rides that you love. The spokes are also enhanced to reduce wind and noise.

You are assured of a quiet ride with more powerful pushes whenever you need them. Traditional spokes are not only noisy but will offer very little resistance to wind. They are also not aerodynamic in nature which means a lot of strength is lost. The traditional spokes will also not augur well when it comes to pressure.

Sudden bursts of speeds, weight to the hub and the rim will cause breakage and weakness on the wheelset. The Sapim CX-Ray spokes are well distributed using the 2x and 0X cross patterns. The pattern ensures that as few as possible spokes are used without compromising the integrity of the wheelset.

More info about spokes pattern.

The spokes do not cross at any point and run straight to the hub. Traditional spokes are also made of steel which made the wheels heavier. Sapim spokes much lighter and does not compromise on the strength of the wheelsets. The ends of the traditional spokes also come with a bend to support the wheel rim while the performance wheelsets keep straight at the rim and hub.

The most important factors you need to consider:Bike Hub

The hub is the power room of the wheel. It harbors two sets of bearings and an axle. The axle is also fastened to quick release skewers that allow the wheel to attach and detach from the hub easily.

The best quality of bearings comes well sealed and protected from the rain. The traditional option involved cup bearings that were much easier to replace but tricky to align. Present wheelsets use cartridge bearings.

These all run on a single cartridge and make it easier to remove and replace. The wheelset bearings are also weatherproof which keeps the well-greased for a long time. Cutting tech edge now offers super light carbon fiber hubs and cartridge bearings. The combination provides a lightweight wheelset that is also highly efficient.

The Straight pull hub Novatec is a work of art with a strong, fast and versatile rear carbon shell and an aluminum body. The front hub has sealed bearings while the rear comes with 4 sealed ones. The hub is also lightweight reducing the amount of drag on the bike. The bearings are in a single cartridge which makes it easy to replace, unlike traditional hubs.

Traditional Hubs come with cone bearings that are not as easy to install and will not provide as fast speeds for the rider. The Straight pull hub Novatec hub I also supported by reliable Brake hub for the ultimate control.


carbon rim


Rims come in two types namely aero and traditional. The traditional rims are box type and once with a large number of spokes to keep the rim stiff at all times. A broken spoke or two will compromise the integrity of the whole rim. Aero rims are more cutting edge and perfect for high-performance wheelsets.

These are designed for speed and will require lesser spokes due to their ability to hold more weight. Stiffer rims require lesser spokes as most of the weight is already supported by the time itself. Carbon fiber rims provide lightweight, stiffer capabilities that ensure lesser materials goes into creating the whole wheel in general.

The other factors you need to consider is the tire type

Clinchers Vs Tubeless ready

Clinchers Vs Tubeless ready

The kind of wheelsets to go for when it comes to tires will heavily depend on preference. Clinchers are the most common of tires. These will have a tube and a tire separated but not directly glued to the rim. The rim comes with a hook while the tire has a beaded edged that fits when air pressure is applied into the tube.

The bead, in this case, is usually round in nature. Tubeless ready tires are not that different from the clinchers but will have a square-shaped bead without a tube. The tubeless option is much lighter as opposed to the clinchers additional tube inside the tire. This makes the bike much lighter and the rider gets an added advantage during winter as the tires do not pinch.

The latter is also cheaper to install right from the start. Tubular tires will have a completely sealed chamber that simply lies onto the rim with the tube and the tire sewed together. The biggest difference between all these is the type of air chamber created indie the tube. The clinchers and tubeless ready will depend on the rim to complete the air chamber.

ICAN tubeless ready and clinchers wheels allow a large variation of air pressure which enables the rider to work on different kind of tracks and weather conditions.

The best affordable price wheelsets 2021

What type of rider is suitable for 50mm wheelsets

50mm wheelsets are all-rounder


50 Wheelset with Novatec Hub Sapim CX-Ray Spokes


The 50mm fast and light series wheelset is made of 100% carbon fiber( T700). The wheels are 700c in size which makes them perfect for high-performance rides. The Rim comes with a UD matt finish and the depth of the wheelset is 50mm with a tubeless clincher profile.

It also has a Novatech Hub with Sapim Spokes. The spokes give it an edge when it comes to aerodynamics and lightweight properties. The front wheel comes with 20 spokes and so does the rear wheel. The spoke tension for the front wheelset is 15N while the rear wheelset is 13 to 20N. The front wheel has a radial pattern while the rear has a 2 cross non-radial setup. The Wheelsets are supported by 11 speed Shimano cassettes.

30 to 40mm wheelsets perfect for climbing and fast descents (38mm CN spoke & 40mm NOV CN Spoke)

The 38mm wheelset is perfect for female riders. This is mainly because it is designed for much shorter riders. This also makes it perfect for shorter males that are looking for something more comfortable.

It is made of 100% fiber (T700). The wheels are 700c in size with a UD matt finish. You get a 38mm depth with a clincher profile. The wheelsets house a standard hub with 2 front sealed bearings and 4 sealed bearings. The spokes are Mac Aero designed by CN spoke.

86mm wheelsets perfect for triathletes (86mm R13 CN & 86mm NOV Sapim)


86mm Clincher Tubeless Ready Wheelset With Sapim CX-Ray Spokes


The 86mm fast and light series wheelset is 100% carbon fiber T700 and 700c in size which makes them perfect for high-performance rides. These are perfect for athletes that want to push the limits such as triathletes. The profile is slightly wider allowing for more grip as well as control on a tougher track.

The depth of the wheelset is 86mm with a tubeless clincher profile. It also has a Novatech Hub with Sapim Spokes. The spokes give it an edge when it comes to aerodynamics and lightweight properties.

In Conclusion

Picking the best wheelset for you is all about having the right information at your fingertips. Knowing what to go for is not just about the brand but the details behind it. Selecting the best wheelset will be highly determined by the kind of track you will be on. Understanding the most recent innovations and what kind of impact they are making on the track will make all the difference in the world.

Wheelset will not only come in different brands but sizes and details. Picking the right one should be about style, function, and reliability. The budget will, of course, underline all these factors. Carbon fiber wheelset is no longer an option but a way of life. Having these is the only way to conquer the track.

Working with a brand like ICAN that has for a long time made strides in providing cutting-edge technology and solutions when it comes to road bikes will ensure you make the right choice every time.

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