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The Complete Guide To Wholesale Carbon Bikes In China

If you run a local bike shop, you probably know that you can wholesale carbon fiber bikes from China. The problem is, understanding the process and how to go about it. Because there are many intricacies involved, it’s a profitable venture and, at the same time, could be a huge calamity if something goes wrong. Well, all of that is about to change. By the time you reach the end of this page, I can assure you already know and can by yourself bulk order carbon bikes from China to sell at your locality.

After all, carbon bike manufacturing costs and material costs are not low, we need to carefully choose carbon bike manufacturer.

Why Do People Wholesale Carbon Bike From China?

China is known as a large producer of things, and when it comes to carbon fiber bikes; it remains the best market to explore. Wholesale carbon bike from China is a preferred option because the products come at a meager price. It leaves a wide profit margin for wholesalers to cash in on.

Also, when you import carbon bike products directly from China, you are most likely to have direct contact with the bike manufacturer and the factory. This way, you can import custom designs and more options than local wholesalers. Say a customer requests a unique design or painting. You can quickly get it done when you have factory contact in China. Importing from China is profitable; it is how local wholesalers make big profits. They import various bikes and parts from China and sell them to local brands, distributors, and shops. You can do it too; all you need is equal access to such information, a relationship with reliable suppliers, and knowing how to solve custom clearance.

What You Should Know When Wholesale Carbon Bikes 

China is the home to thousands of carbon bike manufacturers. It requires an understanding of how the community works to trade with them. Most carbon fiber bike frames come from Dongguan, Huizhou, Shenzhen, while the rims come from Xiamen. Carbon bikes from China are primarily made of different Toray carbon fiber or Chinese ZGL fiber variations. They differ slightly in strength, stiffness, weight, and some other features. Still, it’s not something so easy for an amateur to tell the difference. Technology has matured to the point where they look almost similar.

The paintings are carried out in a different place from the factories that produce the frames. So if you plan to have a customized design for your brand, a design mold has to be open for each size of the frame. If you plan to use the same mold for different sizes, confirm that it will not affect painting details.

This all sounds good until you learn where it could go wrong. You need to be aware that there are many counterfeits as there are standard carbon bikes, and it’s usually hard to tell until you get what you ordered. So the success in importing carbon fiber bikes from China often has to do with experience and the relations you might have built with trustworthy suppliers over time. However, when you’ve established a solid connection with specific Chinese suppliers, it’s quite profitable.

Finding Chinese Suppliers For Carbon Fiber Bikes

In this section, you’ll learn the everyday situations associated with importing from China and everything you should consider before choosing a supplier. All of the factors to be listed matter in the overall business offering provided by Chinese exporters.

Supplier Type

They are two main supplier types, and they may serve you different purposes:

  • Factories
  • Trading Companies

The Chinese supplier market consists of both, and it’s essential to know who to go for and at certain times. Factories specialize in custom production. You should buy from factories if you have a large number of orders to process and you’ll like some modifications to your bike’s design. Trading companies, on the other hand, are the best when your order is not so enormous, and you need to get it timely.

How Do You Tell Trading Companies From Factories?

The recommended way to determine if you’re dealing with a factory or a trading company is to check their online pages. Usually, the “About Us” page should have everything you need to know. Factories will have pictures and videos of workers, test labs, and factory processes. Next, check the inventory or ask directly. You should already be communicating with your prospective supplier at this point, so asking them directly should not be a problem.

Lead Time

Lead time refers to how much time the factory will take to process your order. Carbon bikes are not orders that can be processed in a day or two. The most familiar way of producing carbon fiber bikes is raw material components are almost readily available. Then the finishing follows when the order is made. Usually, for materials in stock, the order is processed in 3-5 days if customized painting is not required. Customized painting makes it 5-7 days to create the design and open the painting mold, and another 3-5 of painting. That’s about 10-14 days in total.


MOQ is the Minimum Order Quantity required. With some suppliers, you can make just one carbon fiber bike. Some suppliers state their MOQ. But from a buyer’s standpoint, buying low quantity is not profitable for you. The cost becomes cheaper as your order quantity increases. So you want to use the profit margin to your advantage and buy in bulk.

Communication Method

The internet has made everything relatively easy. You can easily reach most suppliers by their social media pages on Facebook, Instagram, or the live chat feature on their website. Most will even like to connect with you on their native chatting platform, WeChat. Just ensure that you have the back and forth chat backed up in case of issues that may arise after-sales.


Paypal is the most common medium for payment. It allows you to approve payment when the order has been received. It doesn’t require you to convert your local currency to USD. If you’re buying from 3rd party platforms, it’s pretty much the same. Add your card and process the payment.

Shipping Method

After your order has been processed, it has to be shipped down to your country. Popular international shipping carriers are EUB, UPS, EMS, DPD, DHL.

These carriers have various transfer time:

EUB: It takes 20-25 days to arrive at your country’s customs service.

UPS: It takes 10-15 days to arrive at your country’s customs service.

EMS: It takes 15-20 days to arrive at your country’s customs service.

DPD: It takes 7-10 days to arrive at your country’s customs service.

DHL: It takes 3-5 days to arrive at your country’s customs service.

You’ll also be required to pay tax for all except DPD. All materials are packed with shock-absorbing materials for shipping. First thing you should do when you get them is to examine if it is intact.

After-Sale Service

The after-sale service of a supplier is mostly what helps you determine if you’d still like to do business with them.

After-sales services cover the solution to quality problems, warranty, and refund policy. You can get the information to all of this before starting a deal with them, so you know what approaches are available for after-sales problems.

Popular 3rd Party Platforms To Find Chinese Suppliers


When you talk about importing from China, Alibaba is the biggest and number one name that comes to your mind. It is a B2B platform that provides the solution to buying and selling worldwide.

Supplier Type: 80% factories and 20% trading companies

Lead Time: In stock (3-5 days), No inventory (7 - 15 days)

MOQ: 2 piece

Communication Method: Alibaba mail, Aliwangwang (live chat), or RFQ

Payment Method: Virtually all forms of card and online payment

Shipping Method: By air/sea

After-sale service: Submit a complaint to the help center, and conflicts will be resolved.


Aliexpress is popular among cyclists because it’s a B2C version of Alibaba. It allows individuals to buy directly, and you can even sign up as a seller if you deal directly with factories.

Supplier Type: 20% factories and 80% trading companies

Lead Time: In stock (3-5 days), No inventory (7-15 days)

MOQ: 1 piece

Communication Method: You can contact the seller via the contact icon

Payment Method: Virtually all forms of online payment

Shipping Method: Express shipping via (EMS/ EUB/ DHL /etc.)

After-Sale Service: They offer 2 years warranty on most products


eBay is another top option to find importers from China if you don’t need a large quantity of carbon fiber bikes.

Supplier Type: 20% factories and 80% trading companies

Lead Time: In stock (3-5 days), No inventory (7-15 days)

MOQ: 1 piece

Communication Method: You can contact the seller via the contact icon

Payment Method: Visa/MasterCard/Paypal

Shipping Method: Express shipping

After-Sale Service: Return policy, but the buyer pays for return shipping.


Google is an effective way to find suppliers online. You can easily tell if they are legit this way because Google will direct you to their website.

Supplier Type: 50% factories and 50% trading companies

Lead Time: In stock (3-5 days), No inventory (7-15 days)

MOQ: 1 piece

Communication Method: You can contact the seller via the website

Payment Method: Check the website

Shipping Method: By air/sea

After-Sale Service: Check supplier’s website


How Do I Know If I’m Buying Original Bikes?

You have to work with trustworthy suppliers. For the first time, you can use 3rd party inspection companies like SGS Inspection Service. These companies offer you information about factories you may have chosen at a cost.

What’s The Difference Between Chinese Brands and Popular Ones?

They vary slightly in quality and finishing. But getting Chinese brands could be a great start to building your brand and creating custom designs.

Why are Chinese Bikes Cheaper?

Chinese bikes are cheaper because you buy in wholesales compared to when you buy from your local distributor. The cost of production is not so enormous, plus the Chinese currency converts to sweet rates when you buy from there.

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