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The Best Carbon Bike Frame Under 1000$

The Best Carbon Bike Frame Under 1000$

The best carbon bike frame under $1,000 are a great option to start if you're new to cycling or if you want to experience the thrill of high-end bikes. They can also make brilliant speedy commuters for more experienced cyclists .

Why carbon fiber bike frame

For bike frame manufacturing, companies tend to make use of different materials. Some of the well-known materials used include aluminum & steel (traditionally used materials), titanium (the most expensive material), and carbon.

Carbon frames in contrast with the other kinds of materials as far as the premium category is concerned remain the best option. This can be attributed to their outstanding characteristics which basically include how light, strong, and attractive they significantly are. The carbon bike frame has been widely recognized in the world of bicycle products as one of the most versatile structural materials that have ever been made.

Typically, carbon bike frames are made of a material referred to as polyacrylonitrile ( PAN) fiber. During production, polyacrylonitrile is heated to extremely high temperatures which consequently burn out the non-carbon materials but leave behind a series of fibers that are very long and thin. The fact remains that the level of processing will determine how rigid or stiff the material will turn out to be. This technically makes carbon bike frames one of the best options for different individuals.

One of the interesting things about carbon bike frames is how affordable they can be. If you're looking for the best carbon bike frame that falls under $1000, you've come to the right place. This article will talk about the Best Carbon Bike Frame Under 1000$ you can buy from ICAN Cycling.

The Best Carbon Bike Frame Under 1000$: The Frame Option To Choose From The ICAN Cycling Website

ICAN specializes in prioritizing and satisfying customer's needs. As one of the best carbon frame manufacturers in the world, ICAN Cycling sells different kinds of great frames for under 1000$.

In this article, I'll list four carbon bike frames below $1500 you can purchase. You'll find out what you need to know about buying carbon fiber bike frames— which one serves your purpose of purchase and fits into your budget.

● Road Bike Frames

Customers can easily get ICAN Light Carbon Fiber Road Bike Frames without spending too much cash.  Besides, that the products come at affordable prices does not mean they are low in quality. Their quality can be guaranteed to every bicycle enthusiast. Road Bike Frames are significantly stronger and light.

Best Road Bike Frame and its Affordable Price

1.AERO Disc Road Frame A22

The ICAN A22 frameset is made from Toray t700 carbon fiber --Light weight:1150g/54cm

· Gone with a BB86 bottom bracket and a Straight 1 1/2" head tube to ensure that this frameset is stiff and also easy to get parts that fit

· Mechanical and Di2 groupset compatible

· Frameset thru-axle: 12*100/12*142mm and fits a 160mm rotor on the front and a 140mm rotor on the rear

· There is a 2-year warranty.

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  • Resistant to corrosion and superior at suppressing vibration.
  • Very lightweight and highly versatile.
  • It can easily be strengthened where the frame needs more resistance.
  • Very flexible


MTB Frames 

ICAN MTB Frame is manufactured using high-end carbon fiber materials, accompanied by an excellent compact and light design.

Best Mountain Bike Frame under 1000$

2.XC Bike Frame S3

XC bike frame S3 is a full suspension mountain bike and the latest bike frame in 2021 from ICAN. I'd advise that if you're going for a cross-country bike like this, you should know what you need from it. This bike is on the high-end, and you'd have to be a professional biker to consider this. One way to reduce cost will be to buy the bike frame and wheels separately and assemble it yourself. It has a three-point joint damping geometry. Imagine how comfortable a ride this will be. The dampers are efficient across different terrains, and you could go mountain biking without sensing the bumps and holes.


  •  It's the latest carbon frame 2021 from ICAN.
  •  Full suspension carbon 29er mountain bike frameset, weighing 2280 grams.
  • The compact rear triangle has a shock-absorbing chain.
  • The stroke is 122mm, and the rear shock absorber is 165*40mm
  • Three-point joint damping geometry.
  • Tapered head tube design.


  • Less dense but strong.
  • No rusting or corrosion issues.
  • Overall very comfortable ride, and less fatigue.
  • More aerodynamic, lighter, and rigid.
  • Technologically advanced and high-end


  • May only be suitable for professional bikers


CX Bike Frame

Cyclocross frame is one of the affordable carbon bike frames you can find on ICAN Cycling. It is observed to be great during winter when the conditions are harsh— it helps keep your braking and shifting crisp.

Best CX Frame and its Affordable Price

Cyclocross Frameset AC388


  • The ac388 frameset is made from Toray T700 carbon fiber
  • Tapered head tube 1-1/8 - 1-1/2 design
  • Gone with a BB86 bottom bracket and a tapered headtube to make sure that this frameset is stiff and also easy to get parts that fit
  • All internal cable routing, best protection, and easy maintenance
  • 2-year warranty.


  •  Versatile
  • Very lightweight
  • Help maximize speed
  • More aerodynamics


E-Bike Frame

ICAN Cycling E-Bike is characterized by the most advanced and mainstream carbon fiber materials. Its significant features include the compact design and lightweight.

Best E-Bike Frame under 1000$

150mm Enduro E-Bike Frame E11


  • It's made from advanced carbon fiber material ( High modulus Toray T700  carbon fiber)
  • Its kit has a 1/8 "- 1 1/2" headtube,31.6mm(34.9mm seat clamp) Seatpost Diameter.
  • Users must use Bafang BTF03(450Wh) or BTF04(600Wh) battery for the e-bike frame,and Bafang M500(95NM) or M600(120NM) mid-drive engine system.
  • Buyers are given 2 years warranty.


  • Super strong and light.
  • Promote fast speed


Gravel Bike Frame

Gravel Bike Frames are made from Toray T700 carbon material. It is comfortable and lightweight. In addition, it is aesthetically designed with a wealth of colors and offers good handling.

Best Gravel Bike Frame under 1000$

X-Gravel Bike Frame

  • It's a new Gravel frame disc.
  • It's made from Toray T700 carbon fiber
  • Its kit has 1-1/8",1-1/2 headtube
  • Internal Cable Routing, easy maintenance, and great protection


  • Lightweight and comfortable.
  • It is super versatile.


26er Carbon Fat Bike Frame SN02

The 26er carbon fat bike frame SN02 is everything you want out of a bike regardless of your intended purpose. If fat bike ultra-endurance races like the Arrowhead 135 seem to you like an interesting way to spend time, SNO2 is a worthy consideration. Asides from the aesthetic design, the bike frame is lightweight, and it was made from high modulus Toray T700 carbon. The SNO2 can help you cover far distances if you want to be adventurous with it. The bike frame has a 100mm BSA bottom bracket shell and a tapered headtube that keeps the frame sturdy. This bike's cables run internally and leave you nothing to worry about as carbon fiber in itself is weather resistant. If you're not the adventurous type and only need a bike to get you to the store or somewhere close by, you still haven't chosen the wrong bike by picking SN02. As an assurance of quality, you get a 2-year warranty.


Type: 26er fat bike frame

Model: SN02

Material: 100% carbon fiber Toray T700

Frame Weight: 1520g

Fork Weight: 540g

BB: BSA(100mm BB Shell)

Rear Spacing: 197mm


  • It is suitable for leisure and competitive racing
  • 2 years warranty
130mm Trail MTB Frame P1

If you're looking for a full-suspension boost frame, look no further. The Trail MTB Frame P1 is an affordable choice that perfectly fits high quality and high tech standards. Made from T700 carbon fiber, it means stiffness and lightweight can be achieved with ease. The 148mm x 12mm rear allows the frame to widen further. The full suspension is on fleek, and You can rely on this frame to take you everywhere, anywhere, at any time.


Type: Full Carbon Suspension Frame

Wheel size:27.5er/29er

Model: P1

Material: 100% carbon fiber Toray T700

Frame Weight: 2410g

Fork Weight: 540g

BB: BSA(120mm BB Shell)

Rear Spacing: 197mm

26er Carbon Fat Bike Frame SN01

The SN01 is specifically designed as a frame that can carry weight. Bikes made for that purpose, including long-distance cycling, and riding over snow, are usually made from steel frames. The SN01 is a superior model because it's lighter and can provide the same value. The bike frame is not only lighter; it's strong and stiff. It was designed from T700 carbon fiber. The SN01 is sufficient for carrying loads, be it on a trip around your town or you only need to carry your laptop. A 120mm BSA bottom bracket shell provides enough reliability, enough room for huge tires, and a sturdy frame. The cakes are internally routed; hence you do not worry about the weather. The 197mm rear end coupled with 4.8" tires provide you the resource for going anywhere you so wish with this bike.



Type: 26er fat bike frame

Model: SN01

Material: 100% carbon fiber Toray T700

Frame Weight: 1260g

Fork Weight: 540g

BB: BSA(120mm BB Shell)

Rear Spacing: 197mm


  • Suitable for carrying load
  • It is perfect for long-distance and harsh weather


The following bikes are below $1500, and in case you're conflicted as to which one to choose or which one is best. There are all great bikes that could serve your purpose. They have their upsides and downsides. Hence if you're picking, it's better to go for which of them meets your needs. The SN02 is one multipurpose fat bike that can serve for recreation and, at the same time, competitive racing; it's a speed bike. SN01 is best for carrying load, so if that's what you need a bike for, you'd rather go for it. XC bike frame S3 comes off as a bike suitable for competitive or sportive mountain racing. You'd go for the XC bike frame S3 if you like something more sophisticated. The Trail MTB Frame P1 is also another mountain bike with full suspension but much lesser in terms of value than the XC bike frame S3.

Hence, in making a purchase decision, finding out if it serves the purpose you need it for and fits your budget is important. You'll always find bikes that fit your budget, but you need to be clear on some other terms.

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