Ready to build up your own light and durable carbon Trail/AM MTB frame? Or upgrade your current frame?...
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    What frame to use for the ebike We use the advanced carbon fiber material to manufacture the ebike...
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      Fat bikes that are designed for going vast distances, carrying loads, and riding over snow are generally seen...
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        Have you looked at fat bike ultra-endurance races, such as the Arrowhead 135, and thought this sounds like...
        Sn04 is a Full suspension bike frame specially designed by ICAN Cycling for mountain bike. In the current...
        $ 790.00 USD
        $ 790.00 USD
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        Carbon fiber is made of polyacrylonitrile (PAN) fiber. The polyacrylonitrile fiber will be heated to a very high temperature, and the non-carbon materials in the fiber will be burned out, leaving only a series of very thin long fibers. The more fully processed, the greater the rigidity of the material. Therefore, the carbon fiber bike frame has excellent characteristics, both in terms of hardness and weight, the carbon fiber bike frame is one of the best.
        For many people, it is a amazing thing that assemble a bike with carbon fiber bike frame,which is the dream for many racer. because it was so difficult to buy Carbon fiber bike frame was in the past, but now it has changed.
        You can buy a carbon fiber bike frame with affordable price. The question is whether you can find a suitable carbon fiber bike frame.
        If you are looking for the right carbon fiber bike frame for your bicycle? You stand in the right place.
        Whether you need Road bike frame, MTB Frame, Fat bike frame, or full suspension bike frame, you can find what you want here.

        What type of carbon fiber frame do you have?