Have you spent lots of time picking up one satisfied enduro MTB frame? Hard to find one that...
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$ 790.00 USD
    The Best XC full suspension MTB Boost frame S3  XC Full Suspension MTB Bike S3 is the latest cross...
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    $ 790.00 USD
    $ 790.00 USD

    Is it worth getting a full suspension bike frame?

    Why are full suspension bikes frame more expensive than another bike frame?

    Are full suspension bikes frame better?

    150mm travel full suspension bikes frame

    150mm travel might be the sweet spot for around mountain bike riding and a spot of enduro racing. What though if we told you that you could have a nice 150mm travel bike and it will not weigh the earth and more importantly it could be a carbon fiber frame that will leave you money for the post-ride latte?

    Thanks to the hard work of our team of engineers now you can. We have sculpted this full suspension mountain bike frame out of the excellent Toray T700 carbon fiber. We use Toray as its quality is assured and our engineers are so skilled in its use that we can build lightweight frames with some of the best touches.

    As you can imagine we have used internal routing to make sure that all your cables and hoses are hidden away from the environment and accidental snagging on the trees surrounding your romps through the woods.

    To help you pedal up hills, we have fitted this enduro frameset with a BB92 shell. This has allowed our engineers to widen and stiffen the frame. Making pedaling a more pleasurable activity. However, all these great features would not matter if you could not get this frame in a color that you like. As such we have them available in matte black, green, yellow, purple, or blue. Now all you need to do is work out which frame matches your helmet, and you are good to go.