The ICAN Cycling M27 is a long-travel hardtail frame that's suited to fast and rough terrains anywhere on...
The features of 29er Hardtail MTB Frame M17 Tapered headtube-reduce cross section area, improve performance, reduce wind resistance and...
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MTB (Mountain Bike) Frame is one of the most important parts of Mountain Bike.

Bike Frame can combine bike components to a whole, and it is an important factor supporting the weight of the human body, which can provide support for wheels, cushions, and other components.

Once your mountain bike is equipped with the good carbon MTB frame, your level will increase a lot.
Carbon MTB frame has been loved by many mountain riders for its light and strong performance.

According to the different materials, we can divide the bike frame into steel tube, aluminum tube, carbon fiber bike.

Carbon MTB Frame can be divided into carbon hardtail frame and carbon full suspension MTB Frame. The main difference between them is whether have the shock absorber in the rear.

How About ICAN Cycling MTB Frame

ICAN ‘s MTB Frame is made of high-end carbon fiber materials with a reasonable compact, light design. 

The never-ending argument in mountain biking is should I have a full suspension frame or a hardtail frame? Well with our prices you can have both, and both will be made using the latest technology and highest quality carbon fiber. The best question to start with would be “What do I want to ride?”


We can find different names for mountain bike frames in many places. So what do these names mean?

From different dimensions, we have a variety of names for mountain bike frames.

Named according to wheelsets size

The current mainstream mountain bike frames on the market include: 27.5er mountain bike frames,29er mountain bike frames.

Classification by the installation position of the shock absorber.

Full suspension mountain bike frame

Almost all bikes type including the AM, XC, DH, and Enduro are assembled using a full-suspension mountain bike frame.

A bike equipped with a Full suspension mountain bike frame has good resistance performance. The shock absorber performance is better and the frame rigidity is higher.

When you buy a full-suspension mountain bike frame, you need to pay attention to its travel size.

The single-speed mountain bike frame

For bike fans who are obsessed with speed, choosing Single speed mountain bike frame to assemble your bike will bring more fun. This type of car can bring you a thrilling speed experience. You can only rush forward, speed, speed.

MTB hardtail frame

The MTB hardtail frame is lighter and more suitable for riding on flat mountain roads. Compared with the full suspension frame, it can get faster acceleration, and its cost is much cheaper than the full suspension frame. If the budget is limited, the MTB hardtail frame will Is a good choice

How to choose the carbon MTB Frame suitable for you

If you want to take up cross-country mountain bike racing, I would look at the 29er Bike Frame M17. This frame is all light and by running 29er wheels will be fast.

If you want to take things slow and go for a long day in the saddle or start out in the world of bike packing, I would look at the 29+ Mountain Bike Boost Frame or the 27.5 Plus Mountain Boost Frame. Both of these frames have high-end looks and specs but have a price tag that will allow you to have enough change left to explore the world.

If your bikepacking is taking a much more gnarly route, then I would look at the 29er Carbon Suspension Boost Frame XC29 or the 27.5+ Carbon MTB Boost Frame 148mm. Both of these frames will take a load of abuse and be much lighter than you thought. They will also be great for fun days out at the trail center, a lovely double whammy.

If you want to set fast Strava times down the side of mountains and want to do it as safely as possible I would look at the 650B All-Mountain Carbon Suspension Frame 150mm Travel, 27.5er Suspension Frame P8 120mm travel or the Carbon Enduro Frame P9 150mm Travel. As well as beating Strava, all these frames would be great for racing enduro on as well.