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The best 29er carbon hardtail frame under 500$

Hardtail bike -Never Be Out of Style

At present, 29er carbon mountain bikes have become the target of riders. Even More riders like much exciting riding experience.

"Hardtail" refers to the name of a bicycle that has a front suspension but no rear suspension. Hardtail bikes are lighter, simpler, cheaper, more durable, and more reliable than rear suspension frames.They are the main one of MTB type in the bike industry.

Hardtail mountain bikes are more suitable for adventure,bikepacking and other long-ride shenanigans.Therefore, hardtail mountain bike frames will always have a audience.That is also the reasons why we need to manufacture carbon hardtail frame.

Most cycle sport fans love a full-suspension carbon frame, capable of smoothing out the roughest surfaces. But there are some hard-core riders who are prepared to do without rear suspension. They are on a quest for the ultimate MTB competition frame, designed and chosen for three principal criteria: Light weight, rigidity and efficient transfer of power to where the rubber meets the rock. These purist competitors demand a hardtail which makes no compromises.

The best 29er carbon hardtail frame under 500$ 

Before we introduce you to the carbon hardtail frame under 500$, we need to know "what are the necessary attributes for a carbon hardtail mountain bike to make it perfect?"

Hardtail mountain bikes are usually used to ride on mountain roads, unpaved roads and single-track areas. Therefore, in order to better ride with fast speed on rough terrain, these bicycle frames and wheels should be lighter, simpler, and have corresponding To make your ride sniffer and comfortable.

There is no doubt that it is quite difficult to find a good carbon hardtail mountain frame below 500! When you enter the store, you may find that you spend at least $1,000 to get a carbon frame. You may even end up buying an expensive frame with incomplete functions. In order to encourage you to have a better choice, we will introduce you the best carbon hardtail mountain bike frame within 500$.


Now ICAN has created a dream frame for these hard riders, and is proud to launch it as a star product in the company's 2021 line-up. Meet the ICAN 29er Hardtail Pro MTB frame M27. It meets extreme performance demands, and does so with good looking, aero-profiled, clear-coated monomer fiber. This aerospace grade carbon has a sublime blend of properties – extreme rigidity, high strength and excellent shock absorption. Modern geometry gives lively handling and creates an efficient combination of bike and rider.

carbon hardtail frame

This desirable frame comes in three sizes: 15, 17 and 19 inches, with weights ranging just a tad on either side of 1200 grams. It can cope with a fork travel of 160mm and tires up to 2.35 inches in cross section on 29 inch wheels. There's a bomb-proof BB92 bottom bracket, with BSA thread and extra width to resist twisting forces. The frame has a place for a direct-mount front derailleur.

The 2021 carbon 29er Hardtail Pro takes a 31.6mm seat post. The rear end is boosted and drilled for a 148mm x 12mm Thru-Axle.

This kick-ass competition frame deserves the best of fit kits – which will be to easier to afford – because the frame alone sells for a very reasonable $445. This is actually less than half of what some full-suspension ICAN frames cost. And yet it's a top pro frame, designed to go in harm's way, as fast as possible. ICAN had competition in mind when the company decided on a 24 month guarantee for its top-end hardtail pro frame. And on top of that there's another form of guarantee – a discount on a new frame for a racer who writes his or her M27 frame off in a crash.

All of which makes the ICAN 29er Hardtail Pro MTB frame M27 a natural choice for any driven competitor with a burning ambition to make his or her mark in off-road events.

hardtail frame


  • 15, 17 and 19 inches frame are available
  • Upgraded 148mm x 12mm Thru-Axle 
  • Under 500$ 
  • 29 x 2.35'' Tire

In a nutshell, the carbon hardtail frame has got the mainstream popularity with its invincible features, so grab your favorite hardtail frame from under 500$ and explore the adventurous trails.

Will you buy the 29er carbon hardtail frame? what do you think of it?

  • Jul 14, 2021
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